gets his 5000 year old animated super hero
motion picture face in your face because,

"The Battle for Freedom Begins in the Land of Imagination." 
It must be fought word by word, urge by urge, impulse by impulse, person to person, house to house, neighborhood to neighborhood around the world.   People of Freedom, telling/selling
"The Tug of War Between Stories"
Guerrilla Mind Warfare
The Story of Freedom

Dancing on the silver screen, inspiring people of freedom alive again, against innumerable obstacles of fanatical negativity, skepticism and lies, fueled by terrorists, traitors, Enron/Worldcom and other addicted, perverted, pleasures, hypocrisy infecting this nation and the world.
Guerrilla Mind Warfare, WWIII
Freedom cannot be forced.


For the future of freedom,
we need you now more than ever.








"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

Edmund Burke

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Riggs Bailey Roberts, MD
"Gratitude reboots the machine"

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We need you now more than ever.
For the future of freedom.